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VEPR 7.62x54R 23" and Extras

For Sale
Price: 4,000.00 USD 4000 USD
Contact Contact me (Brad) at [email protected]
Added 06-10-2022 06:51:15

Full Description

This is a slant-back receiver, 23" barrel Molot Vepr rifle chambered in 7.62x54r. I am the original owner and have had it since approximately 2014. This is now an extremely rare rifle, as imports from Russia have been banned for the past few years and no end to that ban is in sight considering Russia's recent conduct. Most of these left on the market are chambered in 5.56x39 or 7.62x39 and are designed as heavy-duty AKs, whereas this length/caliber combo is designed to serve the intermediate-range Squad-Designated Marksman role. You're not gonna get sub-MOA accuracy on this, but it will pack a punch with quick follow-up shots.

This isn't a safe-queen- I've used it over the years and there are scuffs/markings on the dust cover where the ejected brass generally hits, and the typical lines from the safety being disengaged. Other than that it's clean and well-cared for. I do not fire corrosive ammo through it, and it's neutralized with an ammonia cleaner after firing just to be sure.

I will include all of the original components and furniture, as well as a list of extras. I have modified it pretty extensively to ensure 922r compliance, as it can be a bit of an unwieldy beast in its original configuration.

Lots of modifications (I can provide original receipts for all of this, too, for your records):
1. Gas piston replaced with KNS Precision adjustable gas piston, as these come ridiculously over-gassed from the factory and have no built-in adjustable piston.
2. CSS modified Tapco G2 trigger control group.
3. Zhukov-S side folding adjustble-length stock and slantback receiver adapter.
4. Magpul bipod
5. Tapco saw pistol grip
6. GG&G vertical foregrip.
7. Two different muzzle devices-- a Tabak flash hider from the original SVD design, and a flash hider and compensater that reduces muzzle rise.

Includes original 5-round mags and a 10-round american-manufactured mag.
Rail is a UTG Pro quick-detach, scope is a UTG 4-16x44.

I'll provide original furniture, original trigger grouping and other action parts, original gas pison, original tool kit, and anything else that I have purchased for it over the years that I'm not remembering at the moment. Does not include the original thread cap, as it is tapped and welded before import and has to be drilled to remove.

I'll check to see if I can find the original box but I believe it was ruined during a move and discarded at some point.

I'm happy to ship it through an FFL or meet up in person.



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